Artist Statement:

I discovered art an an early age and have always relied on it as a source of healing, therapy, and a safe haven during some of the most difficult times in my life. Both self-taught and formerly trained, I earned a bachelor's degree in the arts from Gettysburg College.

As a mixed media artist, I enjoy the variety of using different textures, playful colors, contrasting patterns, and distinctive mediums to pull a composition together.I have a passion for acrylic paints, water colors, papers, gel mediums, fabrics, and vintage ephemera. I love the thrill of the hunt for any little, discarded odds and ends that can find a new purpose and life in my artwork.

I gather my inspiration from everyday moments, as well as from life's triumphs and challenges. I believe that art has trans-formative powers to heal and change lives.The composition, colors, and words communicate my love of healing, happiness, and inspiration. I am often painting for myself or with other women in mind who have overcome or are working to overcome obstacles.

I've been fortunate to have great female mentors, friends, and family members who have been tremendous sources of support and strength in my life. I try to capture and convey a sense of the vulnerability, courage, wisdom, and power, as well as the fun-loving side, that I believe we, as women each possess -- even when we may not be feeling that way.

Some of my happiest moments are when I am in my studio with messy hands and a paint-stained apron, and listening to my trusted canine and art-critic, Yoshi snoring in the corner.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know more about me & my creative process!


Artist Bio:

Megan Nichols lives in a small suburb outside Chicago with Yoshi, her very spoiled Shiba Inu dog. For 21 years, she worked in the corporate world helping manage complex service, logistics, and marketing organizations. She grew restless with a traditional business setting structure and sought more fulfillment and joy  in her life. Reflecting her generous spirit and creative passion, she founded An Artful Heart. This Illinois-based non-profit, organization serves children in need and at-risk youth through the healing powers of artistic expression.

For more information on An Artful Heart, visit To see more work by Megan Nichols or to commission new works, please visit the gallery and contact pages.

-Heather West, Heather West Public Relations.

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